quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

English summary

Summary of the papers in English

Keynote speeches
David Kunzle, "Töpffer, Dilettante"
Thierry Groensteen, "Patchwork of Styles: The end of the dogma of graphic homogeneity"

The Literary Artifact
Maria Cristina Álvares, “The hero in classical French-Belgian Comics"
Daniel Seabra Lopes, “In the margin of adventure: Pratt”
Alexandra Dias, “Filipe Abranches' The Diary of K. and Intertextuality”

Discipline and Indiscipline
Cláudia Pinto, “Marvels and Kingdom Come: the Re-Mythification of America”
José Marmeleira, “Vain epiphany: rock music and comics”
Helena Berardo, “A feminist reading of Godard's and Ribera's Le Vagabond des Limbes

Logic of the Territory
Sara Figueiredo Costa, “Alfonso Castelao and Galeguism”
Nuno Marques, “In The Shadow of No Towers and M-11 La Novela Grafica: moments of silence amidst the roar of tragedy”
João Miguel Lameiras, “Once upon a time in Argentina: between forgetfulness and memory”

Science and Comics
João Ramalho Santos, “Science and Comics”
João Mascarenhas, “Tintin, the adventure in the Moon, scientific knowledge and comics”

Portuguese Authors
João Caetano, “Frontier Places: Carlos Alberto Santos”
Conceição Pereira, “The Art of the fragment: José Carlos Fernandes”
Álvaro Matos, “Politics and comics in the Portuguese 1st Republic”

Limits and Experimentation
Pedro Moura, “Aesthetic elements in Martin Vaughn-James' The Cage
Diniz Conefrey, “Narrative perception in the emergence of abstract comics"
Domingos Isabelinho, “Portuguese Comics in the Expanded Field: from Ana Hatherly's The Writer to António Areal's The Dramatic History of an Egg

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